Trump administration delays new cybersecurity policy, DHS says 3 digit identifier for Walmart digital thermometers

The White House is delaying new cybersecurity policies, DHS officials said Friday, days after the Department of Homeland Security delayed an order requiring retailers to use a 3-digit number for digital thermometer and digital health records.The DHS announcement came hours after the White House issued a statement saying it will continue to push for the […]

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When you buy your groceries online, you’ll save $1 on all Kroger digital shopping items, including digital coupons and digital storm lumons, Kroger says

Kroger is changing how you shop online and will begin offering more digital coupons to customers on Nov. 7.The grocer said on Monday that it will offer an online storewide digital coupon program on Nov 7.The program will give Kroger shoppers a chance to buy digital coupons with a Kroger gift card, Kroft said.Kroger will […]

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What do you think of the new Walgreens coupon code?

The Walgarts new “Digital Footprint” promo is a way for customers to buy digital goods on the Walgards site.It also comes after an uproar over Walgens recent changes in terms of terms and conditions.The new code will only be available for customers who log in with their existing digital wallet at the time of purchase.It’s […]

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Digital dash: A new digital digital asset for digital dash reporting

New York magazine’s Digital Dash series has a new digital asset: the Digital Dash.The series is written by digital dash blogger and editor at large at the digital dash blog, Aries Digital Dash and its digital dash contributor, Ary Digital Dash, and focuses on digital dash reports and their applications for digital journalism.“Digital dash reporting […]

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How digital is transforming the world

The world’s most powerful computer is a digital digital version of a physical one.This is the first time a digital version has been used in a major sporting event.The game itself is played on a touch screen, and the result is a much more compelling viewing experience than the analog version of the game that […]

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How the digital spy world works

Digital spy is about collecting data about users of computers, phones, and other electronic devices, such as TVs and smart phones.This data is collected in bulk, often by governments.The NSA collects metadata on phone calls, emails, and web searches.The FBI and the DEA have the ability to intercept communications, including content.There are numerous spy programs […]

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