Which digital optical cables should I buy?

The question was asked by a reader on an online forum and has since been answered by the website of the Indian government’s digital technology department.

A reader on the Indian website of IT portal www.thesuburban.com asked: “Which digital optical (LED) cables should you buy?”

The question came up during an earlier forum.

“In this forum, we have been asked about digital optical optical cables.

The answer is simple.

We don’t buy any digital optical fibre cables.

You should buy an optical fibre cable for the digital optical transmission (DAT) or digital optical audio (DAA).

If you are interested in purchasing the optical fibre for DAT, you should look at the data rates of the optical fiber.

If you buy optical fibre, you have to pay for the data rate of the fibre.

If your internet connection has no data rate, then the fibre cable can be used for a backup (HD) connection,” the reply from the department reads.

A reply from IT department spokesperson Keshav Bhattacharya clarified that the answer to this question was correct, but added that there are other types of optical cable besides optical fibre.

“The other types are the digital and optical cable.

Digital optical cable is for optical transmission and audio, optical cable for digital audio and optical fibre is for digital optical and audio transmission,” he said.

The reply also noted that the digital audio cable was also referred to as digital optical fiber cable.

A response from Bhattachi’s office did not address the question about optical fibre being the most efficient way to transfer data.

The response did state that the fibre was a part of the total network, which means it is connected to all other networks, including the Internet.