What do you think of the new Walgreens coupon code?

The Walgarts new “Digital Footprint” promo is a way for customers to buy digital goods on the Walgards site.

It also comes after an uproar over Walgens recent changes in terms of terms and conditions.

The new code will only be available for customers who log in with their existing digital wallet at the time of purchase.

It’s not clear whether or not the new code is a result of an internal Walgills decision or just a marketing move.

If it’s the latter, the new deal is not the first time the discount chain has added digital coupons to its store.

In March, Walgores announced that it would be giving customers a 20% discount on purchases made online.

“If you already have a digital wallet and use the Wal-Mart app to buy anything online, the offer is a great way to get a great discount,” Walgowers VP of Marketing Chris DePace wrote on the company’s blog.

Walgreens also recently rolled out a digital discount promotion for consumers.

Walgreens previously announced a similar offer in December, and the company recently started rolling out a new discount promotion in the US.