Trump administration delays new cybersecurity policy, DHS says 3 digit identifier for Walmart digital thermometers

The White House is delaying new cybersecurity policies, DHS officials said Friday, days after the Department of Homeland Security delayed an order requiring retailers to use a 3-digit number for digital thermometer and digital health records.

The DHS announcement came hours after the White House issued a statement saying it will continue to push for the 3-d digit requirement in its cybersecurity strategy.

“We are moving forward to get this done, and we will continue our work with our congressional colleagues to get it done as soon as possible,” a White House official said.

“We appreciate the leadership of Senators [Dean] Heller, [Lindsey] Graham and [Tom] Cotton on this important issue,” the official added.

The DHS statement said the new security rules will be implemented gradually over the next few months, including as part of the Cybersecurity Strategy, which is scheduled to be finalized in the next two months.

“The new cybersecurity guidance is intended to ensure that we have an effective framework to strengthen our Nation’s cybersecurity,” the DHS official said, referring to the administration’s plan to create a National Cybersecurity Center that will oversee and coordinate efforts to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity.

White House officials did not provide a timeline for when the new cybersecurity rules would go into effect.

The department had initially announced in February that it would begin issuing digital thermographic thermometers to retailers.

But the agency delayed the requirement for a few months as it sought to address privacy concerns.

The new DHS cybersecurity guidelines say retailers should begin using a 3 digit digital thermography identifier for digital health and physical health records starting in 2019.

Last month, the DHS also released a new cybersecurity plan for the nation, which calls for the development of a unified, nationwide cybersecurity strategy, including the development and use of cybersecurity tools.

Officials said in a separate statement that the new DHS strategy is focused on addressing privacy concerns and will be finalized “as soon as feasible.”