‘The first time I heard the word ‘Hindus’ was when I was six years old’ – Kannan Jain says about his experience with Muslims

Kannamurthy, Uttar Pradesh, May 24:I was very excited when I started school.

I started studying Hindi and I got a job with the Bharat Electronics and Computer Services Company.

But when I returned home, I found the entire school was packed with people of other religions.

I was the only Hindu in the class.

I never expected to be the only one of my classmates to be Muslim.

I was surprised to hear that some of my peers were of different faiths.

Some people were religious, but there were others who were secular.

I remember my friends, who were Muslim, asking me, “Why don’t you come to Islam?

What about your religion?”’

One of the first times I heard “Hindu” was when my mother was telling me that she had come to Delhi to go for her first visit to the country.

I had to come back a few days later.

At that time, my friends used to say, “Hindu, Hindu, Hindu.”

I did not think, I just heard that word.

It was only when I came to UP that I realised how different it was.

It is a very diverse state.

In the state capital, there are two churches.

One is a Hindu temple, the other is a Muslim mosque.

I have lived here my whole life, but I never imagined that in the state of UP I would have a Hindu priest and a Muslim preacher.