$5,000 in digital food scale in Australia

More than a dozen online retailers have been reporting significant increases in orders for digital food scales that could boost their online sales.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said the rise in demand from Australians is “potentially significant”, and it has ordered retailers to increase their supplies of the digital scale to cope with the rise.

The commission said it has been unable to determine a reason for the recent increase in orders, but a spokeswoman said the digital food-scale is a product that has “shown increased demand”.

“There has been an increase in online sales of the product due to the popularity of the products, particularly with young adults, who are the primary consumers of these products,” she said.

“Consumers in the market for digital scales are also purchasing them for use in restaurants and other similar establishments.”

The Australian Food Standards and Marketing Association (AFSMA) said online retailers should supply more digital scales than the previous supply limits of two and three per cent.

The association’s chief executive, Dr Ian Stewart, said online stores were not always required to supply online retailers with digital scales.

“The online marketplace is the place where online retail can act as a sort of supply chain, where they can supply goods and services to the retailers that they would not normally supply,” he said.

“So they are often the most trusted and trusted suppliers.”

The AFSMA said online shoppers have also used social media to reach out to the retail industry.

“Online shoppers can be the voice of choice for the food chain in the marketplace,” Dr Stewart said.

Dr Stewart said retailers had an obligation to provide the right supply.

“In some cases the supply is limited, so retailers have to provide more supply than the existing supply.

But in many cases, retailers have an obligation not to exceed the current limit.”

Online retailers could face fines for not complying with supply restrictions.

Online retailers are also expected to face stricter consumer protection requirements in coming months.

The Commission has been asked to examine a range of online and online-only retailers for possible breaches of Australian consumer laws and to recommend remedies for any issues that arise.