$50 dollar general digital ad campaign gets positive response

Digital ad campaign is receiving a huge response and has already made a lot of money online.

$50 digital ad is being run by a small local business, Dollar General Digital, in California.

The ad is aimed at local people who are looking for a way to make some extra cash.

This is a digital advertising campaign with a lot more content than the average online campaign.

In fact, the ad has more than 50 different ads, which are all different.

This campaign has received almost 20,000 views and been shared by more than 4,000 people.

Some of the people who shared the ad on social media said that they liked the ads because it was a little bit more structured than other digital ads.

According to the campaign manager, the people that shared the $50 ad said that it was “fun to watch”, which is a good word to use when you see the ads that are being run.

He said that the goal is to reach a “small group of people who have some money to spend”.

This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder what the internet is really like for, especially when you are talking about people who work in the internet industry.

It makes you want to keep your eye on what’s going on and get your money’s worth out of it.

However, this is not the only way that this type of campaign is being funded.

The digital advertising is being managed by a company called The Lad Advertising.

The Lad advertising company has also been running some ads for a local restaurant in California called The Diner.

The Diners advertising campaign has been running in the US and Canada since February.

It has been showing a number of ads that were posted by the local business.

However these were not the ads from the Dollar General digital ad, which is also going on.

The ads that The Lad has been posting for this campaign have been showing the adverts from the online advertising company called Digital Ad.

It is not known what they are showing the ads for, but they have been posting them for several months.

The advertising campaign is not being funded through the advertising firm, but by The Lad’s marketing firm, The Lad Group.

The business that The Dines has run has been working with the advertising company for a number years.

The company has been selling advertising through online and print ad platforms, which has helped the company generate a lot.

The advertisement has been getting positive feedback from many of the customers.

One customer that The Ads has been advertising to said that she liked the ad a lot and said that he would like to support the company.

The advert is being shown in Los Angeles, California and will continue to run in the region.

The online ad platform that The Advertising has been using to advertise its online advertising is called AdWords.

AdWords is a service that allows companies to advertise to their target audience on a wide range of advertising platforms, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This kind of advertisement is usually paid through advertising, but this time it has been paid through the digital advertising platform.

This may be a good way for The Lad to grow their advertising business.

This has helped The Lad get into the advertising space, which makes it even more valuable to them.

Digital ad campaigns are very lucrative.

Digital advertising campaigns are becoming more popular.

This type of digital advertising has become more popular in the past few years.

This helps businesses grow, and this helps them stay profitable.

Digital ads have a lot in common with online marketing.

Both of these online and digital advertising are also becoming more and more popular and there are different types of digital ads available.

In the past, the internet was a pretty difficult place for advertising, and there was a lot to be done to protect the image of brands, brands, and advertisers.

Now, there are more and better ways to reach consumers and get them to buy products online.

This means that brands can now advertise to people on the internet and not have to worry about getting their ads removed or getting sued.

This gives businesses a lot less time to spend to reach people.

It also means that advertisers can reach people quicker.

This makes it easier for them to attract new customers and also helps them to stay afloat financially.

Digital marketing has become so popular that the internet has been completely dominated by the advertising industry.

Advertising companies can no longer afford to keep spending all of their time on these types of campaigns.

They need to get their work done as quickly as possible.

The internet has changed the way that brands and advertisers advertise to the public, which means that the digital ads have become even more important to the advertising business in the future.

As a result, digital advertising campaigns have been gaining in popularity.

One of the major issues that businesses are facing with digital advertising right now is that they have to spend time to get it right.

They have to focus on a specific audience, such as an individual, and they have no idea how to reach that audience.

This creates a lot potential for