Why the first smartwatch from Samsung is a bit of a mystery

A smartwatch, even one with a screen, can be a frustrating experience to use.

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch.

Samsung’s Gear VR is a virtual reality headset.

Google’s Daydream VR is an immersive virtual reality experience.

And the Google Pixel, a smart phone-based VR headset, isn’t even available yet.

But what about a smart watch that can make you feel like you’re really there?

Samsung’s latest Gear VR headset doesn’t seem to offer any real-world interaction.

But the Gear VR has an interface that is pretty close to the original Google Daydream.

There’s a physical button at the top of the screen that activates a light that shows you notifications from friends, notifications from the phone, and so on.

When you press that button, the Gear shows you a notification in the app.

It’s not a VR experience, but it’s an app that lets you interact with the GearVR.

It might not be the most polished experience, and the buttons don’t work exactly the same way you’d expect.

But it does work.

You can turn on notifications from Facebook and other apps and interact with other GearVR users in the Gear app.

This doesn’t mean you can interact with any of the other Gear VR apps that you might find on other smartwatches.

You’ll need to open the Gear’s browser and click on a message from a friend to see the notifications, which can be hard to do when the phone is turned off.

That said, it’s possible to get a feel for what the Gear is capable of, and it’s easy to see how it’s designed to be useful.

The Gear VR uses a combination of motion tracking and motion controls to make it feel like the headset is really there.

In my tests, the buttons are pretty responsive and the headset seems to have a relatively easy time holding my hand in it without my hand moving around.

This isn’t a huge issue.

I could use a couple of buttons for everything from adjusting my posture to turning the volume down.

But there are times when the Gear seems to be taking a bit too long to respond.

I found myself having to hold the Gear up while my hand was in it and then moving my hand back out to the side to reset the device.

I also noticed that when I’m wearing the Gear while in a dark room, the phone doesn’t always seem to respond to the light.

It would sometimes start blinking at me, then stop blinking and continue on its merry way.

There were a few times when I was in the dark and I was wearing the headset and the phone didn’t respond.

Sometimes I couldn’t even tell if the phone was still on or off.

There are a few other strange problems.

In one test, I found that the Gear had a hard time keeping track of my head while I was walking.

While it would eventually tell me my head was in my pocket, it would occasionally start moving in the opposite direction.

There was also a time where I was constantly getting a message that I had to press the Gear to get the headset to move my head.

The message came from a Google Hangouts app.

When I went to hang out with someone on the Hangouts, I had the Gear go to my location and then send a message to them, but then the message stopped and the Gear would never respond.

The messages came from other users on the same channel, which is what I would normally do.

When that happened, the messages would come from other channels and not from the Gear itself.

When the Gear wasn’t responding, I would have to manually restart the app and start the device over.

I didn’t have any issues getting the message to appear in the notification bar, but the messages sometimes would sometimes not appear.

Another problem I had with the headset was that it would sometimes stop responding.

It’d go into sleep mode and it would come back when I turned the headset back on.

But if I kept the headset in the background and opened it again, it’d continue to sleep.

Sometimes the Gear wouldn’t turn on, and other times the Gear won’t turn off.

Sometimes it wouldn’t respond at all, and sometimes it would stay on and send a text to someone in the same Hangout.

There weren’t too many other problems.

I was able to use the Gear for a few hours with no problems and was able, for example, to listen to a podcast while I waited for the Gear headset to turn on.

The most annoying part of the Gear, though, was the lack of a microphone.

You have to use a Bluetooth earpiece to use your headset, but there’s no way to use it with a headset without it.

I’d imagine it would be easier to use an earpiece with a normal headset than a headset that doesn’t have one.

It also seems like the Gear doesn’t work with the Google DayDream VR headset.

That’s kind of odd because the Gear was supposed