When the camera goes silent: Canon vs. Apple in digital signage

Digital signage is all about the technology and the people behind it, and Canon and Apple are going to be on different sides of the technology divide for the foreseeable future.

The digital signage market has been booming for a while now, but the trend is not necessarily slowing down.

The company is reportedly working on a new camera that will replace the digital thermometer in its digital signage products.

The camera, dubbed the Canon Digital Thermometer, will reportedly be a dual-lens camera that can record both a digital and a digital thermometric reading.

This new camera is reportedly expected to launch sometime in 2019, with Canon claiming the sensor size will be comparable to that of a Nikon D800, the company’s flagship digital thermometers.

However, the Canon is expected to have more sensors in total, and it’s rumored to be equipped with a 3-axis sensor for real-time measurement, a feature that is similar to what Apple has been doing with its Apple Watch.

It’s also rumored that the Canon digital thermograph will have a new feature that will be more accurate than the current digital thermometry that has been around for years.

This feature is supposed to work on both indoor and outdoor scenes, and will give consumers a more accurate thermometer reading.

The Canon digital thermometer will be one of the first new digital thermometers to be introduced in 2019.

While it might be a little early for us to get an idea of how accurate this camera will be, we do know that it will be able to provide a more precise reading.

For example, if the thermometer is placed on the ground in a room with a wall that’s up against a window, the digital sensor will show an indication of how close the wall is to the window, as well as the temperature difference between the wall and the window.

The sensor also will show the difference in the color temperature between the two walls, and the difference between two different outdoor scenes.

We’re sure to hear more details about this camera and its technology, and hopefully we’ll have more info on when the camera is expected in the coming months.

We’ve reached out to Canon for comment and will update this story when we hear back.