What’s hot on Twitter right now

Today in Twitter news:  Twitter’s search engine says it’s going to launch a new search algorithm in the next few weeks, which it says will help users find content on their timeline faster.

The new algorithm will “provide more contextual search results, including trending topics and the most-discussed content,” the company said in a blog post today.

The news comes after Twitter said last month that it would be expanding its search engine to make it easier to find information about specific topics.

The company says the new search engine will be available “over time” and that it will include features such as: Search for trending topics (with search options for news, entertainment, health, and lifestyle) Search for the most tweeted content about a topic Search for tweets that have the most “likes” and shares of the topic Search topics that users follow the most Search topics with the most comments on their posts (so, if a topic is trending on Twitter, you can search for a user’s tweet with comments to it)