‘No regrets’: New dad’s dad is in shock over his baby’s death

A dad has described the grief of the loss of his daughter after a sudden, unexplained death in the womb.

New father Nick Bales said he was devastated when his daughter Lizzie passed away after a baby boy died at his side.

“It was the most tragic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

She was a beautiful, strong, intelligent little girl, just so much more than I could ever know,” he said.

Nick said he has no regrets and is proud of his wife of 16 years, Sarah, for keeping her family together.

Sarah has been working hard to raise Lizzia and is planning to have her own child.

They have three boys aged four, five and six and are also expecting their third.

Lizzie, born on June 6, 2016, was the first child to be born at the Bales home.

She died on March 10, 2017.

Doctors found the boy was born with a heart defect and had no chance of survival.

His parents have been working to raise funds to help pay for his funeral expenses and funeral expenses, but they have not been able to make any donations to help cover the costs.

He said the grief he felt from the death of his baby boy has not changed.

I’m just devastated for Lizzi, and I’m just very sad for the other boys,” he told the ABC.

In the last few weeks, Nick said he’s been asked many questions about Lizzies condition and how she was feeling.

One day Lizzian woke up, and it was clear to him she wasn’t breathing, he said, adding she was conscious, alert and in the care of his family.

The boy was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in June.

At first, he felt guilty, and didn’t want to give up the family home. “

[Sarah] was just so excited about having Lizz, it was her baby, and she’s so grateful for her,” he explained.

At first, he felt guilty, and didn’t want to give up the family home.

He said he had been planning to move the family to a new state in 2018, but the decision has been delayed.

Instead, Nick plans to continue raising money for Lizzy’s funeral expenses while working towards raising funds for the funeral of the boy’s father.

Read more: Baby dies after a woman loses control of car and runs into ditch “She was a really strong, loving, smart girl, and a very smart, caring mum, so that’s why she’s such a huge hit,” he added.

Despite his grief, Nick is determined to get to the bottom of what happened.

What we know about Lizzy Bales, the baby’s father: She is currently a few weeks shy of her 18th birthday.

Born on June 5, 2016 in Bendigo, Victoria, Lizziya was the fourth child born to Nick and Sarah.

Her father, Nick, said he is the first person he has ever met who has never given up.

During the pregnancy, Sarah had a “difficult” time with her pregnancy.

But Sarah has been a strong supporter of Nick’s.

Babies are born from a rare genetic condition, and the mother’s genetic material carries a gene for the condition.

When the baby is born, the father’s DNA is passed on to the baby.

It’s not known how the gene was passed down to the mother.

On June 6 last year, Lizzy died after an unexplained heart attack.

After the boy passed away, Nick and his wife Sarah decided to take Lizzy’s body to the funeral home in Bendigos to receive her ashes.

For more on Lizzys death, listen to ABC’s Inside Edition.

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