How to Use a Galaxy Digital Charge to Find Amazon Price

Digital Charge is a small, powerful device that lets you find prices for your favorite products.

With just a few taps on a button, you can instantly get the prices on Amazon.

But to find out what the price of a particular product is, you’ll need to look at the number in the product’s category or description.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Find the number of items in the category.

If the product in question has a specific name, like “Apple TV,” you can easily figure out what it’s for.

Just enter the name in the search bar.


Choose a product.

When you see the product, click the product name in one of the options.

If you’re not sure what the product is called, click on “Find Product,” then “Search for.”

This will search through the products in the respective categories and find the price for that product.


Search for a specific item.

When the search results come up, click “Find” and then the product you want.

You can also click the item title to see the prices for that specific item, and then click on the search button.


Click the product.

The search bar should show the price and description.

Click on the product and then scroll down to the “More Info” section.

You’ll see a list of all the products that are in the price range that you’re looking for.

If there’s no product that you want in that price range, you’re out of luck.


Click “Save.”

This tells Amazon that you’ve found the price.

Click Save and the device will continue to find the prices of the products.

You could use the device for a long time and never have to do anything.

But if you don’t find anything useful, you might want to turn off the device.

You’re still able to use it for a short time, but you’ll probably need to turn it back on again to see if the price has changed.