‘Biggest Hit Ever’: Teenager’s Life Changing Moment Before Being Taken From Her Family

A teenaged girl in her 20s has her life changed forever after she was left in the hands of her abusive family for six months.

The story of Natalia Korneli is part of a new documentary about the experience of a child, called ‘Bigger Than Life’ which will air in the US next month.

Natalia was a little girl when her family took her from her home to a boarding school for boys in Romania.

She had been abused in her childhood and suffered depression and anxiety.

Her parents, who were also the school’s principal, had also been abusing her.

They took her to the boarding school in Bucharest, where she had a home with her mother and grandmother.

She spent time with her sister and brother, and when they left for school, Natalia’s mother was waiting for them in the car outside.

She asked them if she could go home, but the two sisters refused, saying that they would take care of her.

When the sisters came back to the house, they told Natalia that she would be going to the orphanage.

But Natalia and her sister were terrified because she was not in her proper place.

Her mother then took Natalia to the centre where she was put on a plane and taken to an undisclosed location.

Natalya’s life changed when she was reunited with her family, who told her that she was adopted and was not her mother.

She was not sure if she was going to be taken to Romania to be raised by the authorities or to the United States.

The first day she arrived in the United Kingdom, Natalyas family made a huge effort to get her a place at the boarding house.

Natali was told she was the daughter of a Romanian family and that she had been adopted by an American family.

She went to the US for three months before being reunited with Natalia at the United Nations.

But her story took another turn when she had to face a child sex trafficking ring.

The police arrested her mother in the Philippines and deported her to Romania.

Natale’s mother had been in a relationship with a trafficker from the Philippines, and Nataly was the first victim to go through the process of adoption and immigration.

When she returned to Romania, she found that her mother had also abandoned Nataly, who had been living with her in her mother’s house.

She knew that she needed to get the authorities to help her because she had never been to the UK before.

Natales family did everything they could to help Nataly when she arrived, and in the end, Natali became one of the lucky ones.

Natala has been working with the Children’s Society of Ireland and the British Red Cross since the film was filmed, to raise awareness about the problem of child trafficking.

She also has a website to help raise awareness.

It was a big help when I saw how much support there was for my little girl Nataly.

I feel like she is a shining light for other children, especially children who are trafficked into the sex trade, said Natali.

In Romania, Natale said she did not expect to be able to return to her family in America, but it has been a big relief for her to know that she has the support she needs.

She says that her story has changed her life for the better.

Natallya is now looking forward to getting back to school and starting a new chapter in her life.

We are working hard to make sure that she does not go through what she did and it is not going to happen again, said her mother, who did not want to be identified.

I know that the rest of my family and I are so proud of Natalys story and we will do everything in our power to help our little girl in the future, she added.

The film ‘Biger Than Life’, which is scheduled to air in Romania next month, will also be screened in the UK.