Slate Digital Coupons is launching digital coupons

Slate is introducing its own digital coupons service for its digital magazine and digital film products, the Slate Digital Discounts, as well as other products, including the Slate Movie and Slate Digital Comics coupons.

Slate is also launching the digital coupons app for iOS and Android devices and will also launch a free trial of its Digital Rewards credit card on Apple Pay.

Slate Digital Credit Card Slate’s digital credit card offers two tiers, the Basic and the Platinum.

The Basic is a credit card with a $200 minimum balance and a $2,000 minimum balance each year.

The Platinum is a card with an annual minimum balance of $4,000 and a minimum balance equal to $8,000 each year and offers a $1,000 bonus.

Both cards are valid for 90 days.

Slate’s Basic and Platinum cards have been available in Slate’s website since October.

Slate will offer the Digital Discount for the first time on September 12. 

Slate will also offer the Slate Rewards credit, which is also a basic credit card, with a minimum spend of $3,000 per year.

Slate Rewards is available to members and offers an annual bonus of $2.99 per $1 spent. 

For more on Slate’s new digital coupon program, check out the article here. 

You can find Slate Digital coupons in stores and in the app.