How ESPN and HBO got hacked

ESPN and the HBO cable channel have been hacked.

ESPN and The HBO cable channels have been compromised, according to a report published Thursday by the cybersecurity firm FireEye.

The firm said it’s the first time that a company has been found to have breached a network.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The breach occurred at the beginning of the week, FireEye said, and was first reported by The New York Times.

A hacker gained access to the network after a previous breach was discovered in February, Fireeye said.

HBO declined to comment on the report.

The Times cited two sources familiar with the breach who said the hackers gained access from inside the HBO office and used a phishing attack to get into the network.

HBO said it was aware of the breach and had alerted security agencies and law enforcement.

The hackers also tried to steal emails from the HBO accounts of employees, the source told the Times.

The newspaper reported that some of the emails contained personal information that was protected by a password.

HBO is not alone.

Microsoft, Twitter and other companies have been breached by hackers in the past.

Microsoft has said that it’s working to identify the hackers and has made security improvements to prevent such attacks.

The attack appears to be a different sort of attack, said Jeffrey Carr, the chief technology officer at FireEye, which provides threat intelligence for cybersecurity companies.

He said that while hackers typically target specific companies, the attackers have used different techniques and techniques in their attempts to gain access.

“There’s definitely something more sophisticated here,” he said.

“Hackers are doing it in ways that are very, very sophisticated, and it looks like this one is different.”

The Times said it has received information from two people familiar with a hack that was disclosed earlier this week.

The email hack is believed to be related to a larger breach that was revealed by the Chinese military.

Chinese hackers have gained access into the networks of several U.S. defense contractors and are suspected of targeting the military as part of a broader attack.

The Pentagon has said it does not know who is behind the breach, but that it is one of several large breaches it has seen in recent years.

The breaches appear to have been related to the same time frame and target the same targets, Firestorm said.